dimanche 23 juin 2013

New work. . .

I'm working now on a new Baby specialy create for a friend ♥
Because i'm in love with her photoshoot♥
Maybe you see her work, She's " Voodoo Lady " on flickr ♥
Visit her page : http://www.flickr.com/photos/4dloveofblythe/

I working hard because I would like this last girl will be perfect u_u
Surealy two tones hair ♥

samedi 22 juin 2013

Last Babiie, EBL# 21, little Unicorn

This my last Babiie, an Unicron Girl ♥
Orginal girl are Fancy pansy, but she's not finish, she have soon a Alpaca reroot, in pink colors ♥

Actualy she've a pink mohair wig ♥ she's very cute, I love her ! ♥
I search a name for her, are you an idea ?!

Big thanks for Sandraohh, on etsy for the little hat and rompers ♥
I love her style x___x
I decided that my next girl will have Helmet unicron and rompers too ♥
Because I really love this clothes, and this is a great gift for my customers ♥♥

Have you an idea for her name for her ? ♥☻
Comment ! ♥

Koka, OOAK#20 Looking For LOVE ♥♥

Koka are an SBL girl ♥
It's sometimes difficult to work on SBL....

She's actualy for adoption ♥ You can buy her on Etsy or my Facebook page =)
Send me a PM ^^ ♥

Koka are new make up, carving and she've licca body too ! ♥
Koka love the nature, the world, she's an ecology Babiie lol
This cuty are really nice but be carreful ! She don't like Tickles ! ♥
Koka, For adoption ♥

Julia, OOAK# 19 Looking For LOVE ♥♥

Julia are my First EBL girl customized ♥
I really love her ! ♥

Julia are style avaliable on my etsy store ( on " Shop " ) If you're interested by her, send me a PM ♥

For this girl I would keep the " EBL style " and I work softely on her ♥
Her dress are Hand made, and I don't have sewing machine, she's difficult >o< hehe
I love her with another style too ♥
Are you interested ♥ ?

Stephane, OOAK# 18

Stephane are a Factory girl with Rachel ribbon scalp ♥
This Babiie are a Rainbow eyeshadow make up ♥ I'm fall in love with her too, but she's maybe for adoption ♥
I surealy re make her on Takara Blythe head ( this factory are cute, but no perfect... ♥ )

Stephane are a little girl who search the " romantic poeple " like her, she's in love with butterfly, flower, bird and Chocolat !!

Maybe one day you meet Stephane too :P !! ♥

Virgin, OOAK # 17

Virgin, Simply mango custom recently ♥
Virgin are a little girl who search the love in the world ♥
I really love her too ( I love all my girl, lol ♥ )
She found quickly a new mom in United Kingdom ♥

Virgin her named " Cami " Today, and this is a perfect name for her ♥
I love her little smile and her eyes :P
Hey, what do you think ?!

Caramel, OOAK # 16

Caramel are a simply Guava custom for sale, but I'm fall in love with her and I finaly keep her >o<
She have a hand made weft hair by me, with hot resistant fiber, and human her ♥ Just perfect for many hairstyle ♥
She've too a pure neemo XS flection ♥

Do you love her ? ♥